Colour Me Sweet: To Black Girls with Love

Ken Kwame

If you live in a country like the United States or Britain, you might be surprised that, in a nation like Jamaica, where at least 90% of us are descended from Africans, anti-Black racism would be an issue.

Here, people bleach their skin because they believe lighter skin is more attractive, and it will increase their chances of finding love. I grew up hearing “Black and ugly” hurled as an insult. And I had a friend who was told by her employer that she had to chemically straighten her hair in order to keep her job; her natural hair wasn’t professional, apparently.

Colour Me Sweet

That’s why I’m happy to see this beautiful piece of art by former classmate Lisa Davis. Colour Me Sweet is a colouring book that showcases the beauty of Black girls and their natural hair. “Each image features a natural hairstyle and a positive affirmation to help build…

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