Facebook is Making Me Petty

Lol. I had to reblog this! It’s incredibly candid and sincere. Linda puts a name to those silent lurkers on Facebook: voyeurs. Perhaps, I should get to pruning useless branches on my FB tree, too. And pruning begets growth. 🙂

The Long and Short Stories of Life

fb bd postThe prompt word for the day is—Petty.

I shouldn’t share this but I will. Yesterday was my birthday. I’d gone for years—waaay before Facebook—receiving two or three birthday cards in the mail, a handful of phone calls, and my husband and the girls for birthday love. However, with Facebook and my 500+ new friends, I’ve gotten spoiled. More than spoiled, I’ve become vindictive. Petty in a way I never would’ve dreamed possible.

I send birthday comments and make birthday posts to my “friends” pages with the thought in mind that I’m laying groundwork for when it’s my turn to receive the favor. So yesterday—my birthday‑—I expected greetings from every last one of my close “fb friends”. I’d sent hundreds between my last birthday and this one, so at the end of the night, it surprised me—no astonished me—to count only seventy-five likes and 47 comments.

Now I can’t be…

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