The Truth About Wattpad

I haven’t watched the video yet, but oh boy, do I look forward to it. #SpillingTea


So, I’m sure some of you checked your emails and thought, no, not again, she is going to complain about Wattpad! Unfollow!

Well, before you decide to unfollow me or think this is a rant post, it’s not.

After reviewing my stats recently, I saw that Sharing a Post: The Truth About Wattpad Stars is the most viewed post on my blog. However, my friend removed her post about her experience with Wattpad a while ago. And of course, that’s her right to do so, and I’m proud of her for moving on.

Since I know people are curious about Wattpad not only as a website but also as a company and potential business partner, I’m going to post a link to a video a pervious Wattpad user created. In this video, she breaks down her experience with the company, the ambassadors she interviewed, and the overall information she has…

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