What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?

K.M. Allan

Writers are fascinating creatures. We’re most comfortable talking to imaginary people, traveling to imaginary lands, and creating stories out of nothing more than words. What we also love is to avoid doing those things at all costs.

You love writing and want nothing more to spend your waking hours putting pen to paper? Sure! Right after you’ve picked the perfect pen and made the paper from scratch because you can’t just sit down and write. That would be crazy? Instead, we write after we’ve done everything else, not because we don’t have our priorities straight, but because us fascinating creatures can also be expert level procrastinators.

“No, not me,” you might argue. “I hit my word count every day…” Really? Really? Is that before or after you spend two hours watching cat videos on YouTube?

Even the most prolific writer gets caught in a procrastination loop. If you…

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