How Do We Create Realistic Villains? – by Kassandra Lamb…

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on Jami Gold site:

Every story requires an antagonist—or at least an antagonistic force—that creates situations and/or circumstances that force the protagonist to take action. Without a conflict from the antagonist, there’s no story, as our protagonist would have no reason to grow or change themselves or to try to change the world or their situation.

In other words, antagonists drive the story.

But while we definitely need some type of antagonist, we get to determine what kind of antagonist they are. The antagonist in our story might be a force of nature, a love interest, or a meddling best friend. Or they might be a true villain trying to harm others, an uncaring psychopath/sociopath, or fully evil in every respect.

There’s no right or wrong answer—only what makes sense for our story. And for some stories, we need a villain who does evil things. Which might prompt…

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