How NOT to Write Middle Grade Fiction by Jackie Minniti

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline at Get Lit Largo,
a literary event that brings bring readers and writers together. She shares great tips on what NOT to do when writing a middle-grade fiction novel. ENJOY! 🙂

Anaiah Press



One thing I learned from my years of teaching reading in middle school was that middle graders have very definite opinions about books. We had some very lively discussions about what they liked (and hated) in the books they read. This came in handy when I decided to write Jacqueline, my middle grade historical novel.  I wanted Jacqueline to appeal to even the most reluctant readers, so I decided to make a list of what to avoid when writing for 8 to 12 year-olds.

  • DON’T make your book too “fat.”
    One thing that was like Kryptonite to my middle grade students was a book that looked too thick. Most of them wouldn’t even pick up a “fat” book, so keep your word count between 30,000 and 60,000 words.  This will force you to keep your writing on a diet. Edit relentlessly.

  • DON’T use…

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