What Zumba Instructor Training Reveals About the Myth of the Terrible Teacher

This creatively written post made me think. A lot. Well done, KafkaTeach Lady! 🙂


Why exactly Kafkateach decided to attend a Zumba instructor training this week in Miami is not entirely clear. Perhaps those nightly 3 am breast feedings where absolutely nothing is on TV but Zumba infomercials finally brainwashed me.  Maybe it’s because I might be moving to middle America where I fear there may be a critical shortage of decent Zumba instructors. Maybe it’s a desperate attempt to lose the baby weight. Or a desperate means of supplementing my ever-shrinking teacher salary (an extra $25 bucks a week is a jumbo pack of diapers!).  Heck, maybe after three months of maternity leave I’m just desperate for any excuse to get out of the house for eight hours straight.  Or desperate for anything to write about in this blog besides VAM.  Whatever the underlying cause of my desperation, the Zumba instructor training session shared many similarities to the painful professional development seminars endured…

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