Who Will Interpret the Data?

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I am the Daughter Who Survived

Who will Interpret the Data? If we don’t nurture those who are charged with making sense of the data, we will die. For the evil ones have plans of their own.  We must infuse, instruct, educate with a focus on values, for only those who value humanness will be able to interpret the data in ways that won’t end us, burying us with their weight, while the evil ones blame us for our own death.

Make people own their shame. Make people own their greatness. Make people own their true selves, not the one that matches the myth that we are most comfortable with, because of the ‘selfies’ we believe in. We believe that we are the selfies that we take, forgetting that the images are posed, adjusted, fake-ly constructed, perfected images of self, that are nothing like who we really are. And we believe in the ‘selfies’ because they…

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