The True Cost of Free

#WriterMonday All writers should read this well-written post. Readers, too. And if you’re new to writing or even new to how an author’s work is “used” in this highly technological age — you need to read this at least once. 🙂

Aimee King

This week I am going to look at something that has been on my radar for a very long time. This topic is something I have heard about with regards to companies like Huffington Post that pay their writers in ‘exposure’ as opposed to actual money. However, in recent months I have been thinking of this topic in regards to other companies that make their living off writers whilst giving nothing back to those who are actually attracting traffic to their sites. After all, without content creators, there would be nothing to bring in the readers. Only makes sense to actually compensate these writers for their content, right? Well, if only things were that simple and logical.

The companies that I am going to look at (whilst naming no names) are the free publishing platforms. This is quite a tricky area, for writers are not hired to put content up…

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