Temporary Blog Hiatus – Coming Soon. Why? So I can Work Harder and Smarter!

Hello fellow bloggers and Happy Monday to you!

In order to finish up The Novel I’ve been dropping hints about, I need to prioritize and reschedule a few things.

  1. I won’t be posting new content on here much — if at all.
  2. I will most likely reblog your posts. I’m a reblogging superstar! 🙂

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And last, but not least, I plan on adding new content by late May.

Just this morning, I finished submitting an application for an artist grant. I hope to share more information about that at a later date.

One of my goals is to continue researching agents, publishers, and small press magazine markets in order to publish more and more of my work.

Being a mommy, wifey, and full-time teacher doesn’t leave me with enough quality time to write as much as I’d like.

Last week, I was able to write 1,073 words total. 😦 That’s all. For the whole bleeping week.

And that’s just not enough words.

Regarding submissions, I was able to submit three stories this month to a couple of markets. A lot of them don’t accept simultaneous submissions and that’s fine. It’s just that the turnaround time is tight.

Starting today, I want to write at least 1500 words a day (of The Novel) and find a home for at least two of my short stories. I’ve been reading 5000 Words Per Hour in little chunks and I may have to settle for 5000 words per day instead.

By April, I want to double that amount and finally finish the first draft of The Novel. 🙂

So, ta ta for now! 🙂

It’s See you Later”. Lol. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Temporary Blog Hiatus – Coming Soon. Why? So I can Work Harder and Smarter!

  1. I hope you have a productive hiatus! And honestly, I’d be thrilled if I could average 1500 a week. Unfortunately, two young kids and a full-time job tend to disagree with my goals. But I’ve been managing at least 700 words a week with a massive undertaking of reworking one POV’s timeline.

    Best of luck tackling that first draft!

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I can most definitely empathize with me. From one mum to another, it’s been very hard. Our oldest son will be graduating high school this summer and going to college. And teaching full-time reading is also a struggle because I sometimes have to bring work home. But, we can do this!!! 🙂

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