Lost Heros, Lasting Inspiration: My Thoughts on the Passing of Ursula K. Le Guin

No need for a commentary introduction.

AM Justice

“Come home, Tenar! Come home!”

In the deep valley, in the twilight, the apple trees were on the eve of blossoming; here and there among the shadowed boughs one flower had opened early, rose and white, like a faint star. Down the orchard aisles, in the thick, new, wet grass, the little girl ran for the joy of running; hearing the call she did not come at once but made a long circle before she turned her face towards home. The mother waiting in the doorway of the hut, with the firelight behind her, watched the tiny figure running and bobbing like a bit of thistledown blown over the darkening grass beneath the trees.

—The Tombs of Atuan

My hero died last week.

I never met my hero, although when I was in my twenties and seeking representation for my first book, I received an encouraging note from her literary…

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