5 lessons I’ve learned about writing flash fiction — Author Toolbox

REBLOGGED! Priceless advice for mastering flash fiction. 🙂

Immortal Words of a Mortal Writer

When you try something new, your expectations are set quite high. Some people give up on the new thing when it becomes too difficult or when the high expectations they set for themselves aren’t showing.

Last year I decided to join in on the first #FlashFicHive challenge (hosted by Anjela Curtis). This month-long event challenged writers to create flash fiction stories based on all sorts of topics and prompts.


I’ll admit, I didn’t do so well at keeping up that month or in the following challenges (every other month, which is set to change to a weekly hashtag event starting February 1, 2018).

However, I did learn a lot about writing flash fiction (other than the 1,000-word limit). These skills, which I’m going to share with you, are continuing to help me as I attempt to hone flash fiction in a new goal this year — #52weeks52stories challenge (hosted…

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5 thoughts on “5 lessons I’ve learned about writing flash fiction — Author Toolbox

    1. You’re most welcome. I’ve started writing flash fiction about a month ago and this is perfect timing for me. I’m trying to finish a first draft for a novel that’s been on my mind for a year, so, in between writing that I take a break and write shorter pieces to keep the words coming and the momentum flowing.

      1. Great idea! I’m writing flash in between working on my novel, too. It definitely offers up its own set of challenges that can help in novels, too.

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