#75 – The Vengeful Tale of Samuel’s Lunchbox

REBLOGGED! Gregg Savage writes short stories for all ages each night “when the house is quiet”. The best time. I understand and empathize with him. I look forward to reading some of these tales to my toddlers. *New Follower Alert!*

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in a lunchbox with your favourite imaginary characters printed on the front of it, an apple, a sandwich and three cookies were eagerly waiting to be taken to school by Samuel Pearce, a third grader at Greenvale Elementary School. The five items had barely slept, mostly due to the excitement about the day ahead of them, but partly because the apple had been snoring whenever they did fall asleep. Morning came and Samuel took the lunchbox out of the fridge and all of the food items screeched with glee as he went to place them in his school bag. Unfortunately, this was not done with any care on Samuel’s part and so began the day that the contents of Samuel’s lunchbox got their revenge for being treated so poorly.

After the initial surprise of being carelessly thrown to the bottom of the bag had worn off…

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