Staying out of Twitter jail – a guide for bloggers and authors

REBLOGGED! Advice for making Twitter Land more enjoyable.

Dark Dates

Book bloggers are, in my opinion, some of the most generous people you could come across – selfless not only in promoting authors, but also in supporting one another. But, as this often comes in the form of sharing one another’s posts / reviews on Twitter, this can cause problems: the notorious ‘Twitter jail’, or ‘shadow ban’, where your tweets are hidden because you post too many links.

Now, I am not sure I understand the logistics of this, and it’s easy to argue against the unfairness – Twitter is, after all, a place where Nazis run free, so you’d think a few blog links would hardly be cause for outrage – but given that seems to be happening, how can you avoid it? How can you still use Twitter to share the content you want to, without falling foul of the site’s often vague and nebulous rules?

Understand the…

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