Introverted Socializing (Damn It, I’ve Joined The Matrix)

REBLOGGED! I’m so glad Antwan has joined Twitter aka The Matrix. It’s not as badly invasive as stinky, old Facebook though. #DidIJustSayThat Lol

Eye of the Writer

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Thursday my acidic authors of audacious adventures, (#SayThat5TimesFast #DidYouDoIt? “HAHAHAHA!!!!” #MadeYouTalkToYourself), how the hell are ya?

In any case (O.J. or otherwise) I’m glad to have you here (and unarmed) for another roundabout convo with Uncle Keyboard and His Caffeinated Digits.  Today, I have somewhat of a P.S.A. That’s right, some somber news, that’s fit to print–but oh…HOW I LOATHE THE LOSS!!!!

That’s right kids. They got me!

*drops to knees* 

*shakes fist at satellites*

“Damn you! God, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!”

*rips open shirt*


Yep, it’s true. After years of avoiding the madness that is the #DirtyBlueBirdy, I’ve finally been caught by the tepid grasp of influence and power. SHUNNED FROM THE DARKNESS OF SECRETS AND PRIVACY! CAST OUT INTO THE STORM OF PUBLIC OVERVIEW!!!!

*drops to knees again*

*punches ground*


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