Status on My Agent Search

I can totally relate to this author. I recently submitted a polished and critiqued manuscript to an agent. Their website states that their response time is no more than 8 weeks. Well, this particular agent responded to me within 24 hours. One day. I had a sinking feeling that it wasn’t good news. 😦 Well, I was right. He rejected it sweetly, politely, and implied that he was the problem. God, I felt like I was the hopeless lover in some bad romcom where the guy professes, “It’s not you. It’s me.”
LOL. 🙂

D.L. Morrese

With completion of my ninth novel, I decided to try turning my writing hobby into more of a vocation. After all, my previous books are doing all right. Reader reviews (for which I am immensely grateful) are averaging above four stars, and I am receiving small but consistent royalties. I wondered if it might be time for me to go from ‘indie’ to ‘pro.’ I figured the first step is to find an agent.

So, rather than jumping into designing a cover and reformatting my latest completed manuscript for publication, I began searching for an agent. There aren’t as many as I had thought. I found only 28 that: a) were open to new submissions, b) represented the types of books I write, and c) are seemingly reputable. I may have missed some, but using the resources available to me, that’s all I could come up with.

Over the last…

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