12 questions to help you develop Gods/religion in your fantasy novel

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Into Another World

religionWhen I wrote my The Elemental trilogy, I decided right off that I didn’t want to deal with religion. So there is no mention of gods, and there is no church in my story, and it works fine.  However, in many fantasy novels, religion is an integral part of the plot.

Adding religion to your novel can be a source of tension between characters. A war can be because of religious differences. The reason your protagonist or antagonist does something can be based in their religious beliefs. Even prophecies can come from religious writings.

Religion can make your make-believe world’s culture come alive. If your story takes place on Earth, you can study the religion of that time period or region, but if you are creating your own world, you will have more work. (Check out beliefnet.com for information on real-world religions.) But as with every aspect of world building…

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