5 Horror Writing Tips

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J. Young-Ju Harris

Awhile back I wrote a post about what elements I think are necessary for a good horror story. This week, I’m adding on to that with some tips to consider if you’re sitting down to write a horror story, whether in the short or long form.

1.) Write What Scares You

“Horror needs to work on you, the author. You need to be troubled, a little unsettled, by your own material. Write about what scares you. Doesn’t matter what it is or how absurd.”

25 Things You Should Know About Writing Horror, Chuck Wendig

In other genres my advice here would be “write what resonates with you,” but for horror I think you have to tap into your own fears to generate a good story. To come across as authentic, you need to be at least a little bit afraid of what you’re writing about. If you…

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