Quotes to Write By – Day 4

I remember when I was in middle school and my language arts teacher had us complete a short story assignment and the catch was we had to use a lot of verbs. I mean a lot of verbs! I shoved my verbs in every sentence — sometimes at least three consecutive verbs and utilized commas in between the verbs to describe the characters’ actions. What fun!

Here’s an example sentence: He thrust himself into the forest, leaping, dashing, running, and dodging trees as the wind blew against his face. The thirst for blood burned his insides, it even set his mind into a fever and his temples pounded, matching the syncopated beat of his pounding heart.

Now, why did my language arts teacher have us do that? As a student, I wasn’t exactly sure, but now that I’m in her shoes, I’ve reflected on the activity and realized that she was trying to get us to understand how important verbs are and how these action words (or muscles) interact with nouns (people, places, things, ideas) in a powerful way.


My short story focused on a vampire consumed with blood lust as he spies on a lone woman. My vampire of course satiates his terrible thirst by preying on the lady, but hey, even as a preteen I was channeling my inner Anne Rice. Way back when –you know — when Lestat was a naughty, pretty playboy and vampires didn’t sparkle. 🙂

Quote #4

“Nouns are the bones that give a sentence body. But verbs are the muscles that make it go.”

Mervin Block



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