The Degentrification of Urban Fantasy

Thanks for writing this post. I look forward to discovering more urban fantasy starting with these books. (I’m currently reading Older’s “Shadowshaper”.

Chronicles of Harriet

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The cosmic. The weird. The fantastic. The spiritual.
Whatever we call it, we all have a profound need to glimpse, experience, or at least believe in, some greater reality beyond our mundane existence.
That is why Urban Fantasy has become one of the most successful genres in modern publishing.
Urban Fantasy is unique in its willingness to see the stuff of horror – the familiar cast of vampires, were-creatures, zombies, demons and other monstrous entities – not simply as horrific and repellent, but also as darkly fascinating and appealing.
Vampires have always embodied the darker aspects of human sexuality, but in urban fantasy, those aspects are allowed full rein to express themselves. However, there is far more to Urban Fantasy than steamy encounters with glittery bloodsuckers.
Authors of African descent are taking Urban Fantasy by storm and, as author Daniel José Older

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3 thoughts on “The Degentrification of Urban Fantasy

  1. Actually, not all Vampires are inclined to explore the darkly stuff. There’s plenty of it out there already, and some immortals prefer to be left alone keeping to their friends and family. Of course, if someone comes into your house starting trouble, that’s always an opportunity to explore a bit of darkness… you know, when you turn them inside out.

    • Heh. I wrote a vampire novel along those lines. The protagonist, Gabriel Lennox, felt that way — wanting solitude and to be left alone. I (along with a hundred or more authors) lost my publisher and I’m in the process of republishing that book on my own. I hope that when it’s back out in the world, you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I found pleasure in writing it. 🙂

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