Antwan Crump has done it again! I’m developing using the E.V.I.L. technique to write a truly evil antagonist!

Eye of the Writer

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and Happy end-week, (or just Friday, depending on your level of enthusiasm). Welcome, and as always it’s a sincere pleasure to have you.

Assuming that you’ve got nothing better to do at the moment, (you don’t), how about we share some literary insight? (#MeFirst #OneSidedConvo.)

Any who’s it’s (whozits?),

Villains, (also known as – the real reason we love Batman so damn much).

There is no good hero, without their ne’er do well counterpart. You know him: the a**hole, the fighter, the anarchist, (the guy who makes your sandwich without gloves on) – he/she is the bane of our hero’s existence, (that we root for -until of course things get a little crazy).

Writing a great villain is complex work, however, there is a bit of a formula to it – that I will breakdown simply as E.V.I.L. (#PatentPending).

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