12 Days of Christmas #11: Lyn Minmay Day on Macross Exceed

Nostalgia. I miss Robotech. Thank you, Vox!

Kin S. Law

Fanfiction is a subject of contention at my house. My wife is angry she wasn’t encouraged to do it, since it’s a big moneymaker now for the likes of Chuck Wendig and Gareth Roberts. Me, I value originality, though it can be said that Chuck and Gareth do a wonderful job giving us new stories for beloved franchises.

This bit of fanfiction is in the shop to become a full-fledged novel. Its chosen franchise is the Macross series, which some people will know as Robotech. Basically. Humanity is colonizing the universe, and they’re doing it with the power of song. Enjoy.

Macross Exceed Chapter 1

The year is 2063, many years after humans first ventured into space. Forced into conflict and adapting to survive, humanity has gone through many trials and tribulations with their stellar cousins, the giant Zentradi. Transforming fighter jets known as variable fighters were developed to combat…

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