March Media Madness: Meet the Author

Looking forward to my second go at my local library’s Author Showcase!

So, to get hyped for this wonderful event I’m getting to know the local authors and showcasing them on my Facebook page ( — please like!Facebook Like Button and this very blog. 🙂

My discussion with Peter made me think of story time with my three-year-old son who loves when I show him the pictures. The illustrations in Edward Marshall’s Fox on Wheels are delightfully humorous and add so much more zest to each comedic story.

The use of figurative language in poetry are like pictures that add depth to the characters, plot, and setting.

Here’s a snippet from a Tweet Chat I had with the talented Peter Adam Salomon, (author of Henry Franks, All Those Broken Angels, and Prophets) with his wisdom on the importance of poetry.

Tweet Chat1PSTweet Chat2PS.pngTweet Chat3PS.png

You can learn more about Peter on and here!

Please share in the comments what your favorite tool of poetry is and why. Happy Writing!




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