Getting Down To Business . . . Or Else.

Getting Down To Business. Yup. That’s the ticket, dearies!

Growing up during the 80s, I loved watching animated series like Jem and the Holograms, Robotech, Voltron, and The City of Gold. The above video clip is from Jem and it melodically introduces what I need to do.
After returning to work full-time, (middle school reading teacher – need I say more? Didn’t think so. Heh.) I’ve encountered many obstacles, hindering me from completing the draft for the second book in the Gabriel Lennox Series.
What to do about it?
Well, I have lots of ideas.

Threats: I’ve told close friends, a couple of fellow writers, and my family members that I HAVE to write. And if I don’t, they can punish me. 😦 My oldest is a teenager, so believe me, this plan is foolproof!

Public Appearances: Since my recently released novel is a young one – merely months old – I need to continue to be face to face with the public, by visiting conventions, bookstores, and libraries. Even though writing has always been a reward within itself for me, I know that gaining fans that want to read my novels and look forward to the next book is also a much desired motivator too! My recent author event at a local Barnes & Noble further proved this theory. I sold more books to people who had never heard of me until that initial greeting and handshake, than those who work with me on a daily basis or know me personally. It was a lot of fun shaking hands, taking pictures, and serving cake to these wonderful new souls.

Banning Social Media (or at least dwindling my usage to no more than twice a week):
As a writer, in order to be noticed and “staying relevant”, I (supposedly?) need to tweet, post, and pin. However, I noticed that the more I did that, the less time I have to do what I ultimately love – WRITE. So, I asked a fellow writer for advice who not only has a huge following, but is able to make a good amount of income solely on the books he publishes. He mentioned that instead of “marketing” my book and “tooting its horn”, I should simply write. And keep on writing. The more I write, the more readers will want, which will in itself increase potential buyers. This thinking made sense to me because I don’t want to fall into One Book Wonderland. So, I shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that I won’t be available because I need to focus on writing and writing alone.
Being a mommy, working full-time, taking online classes, and taking care of the home for hubby leaves me limited on “Me Time”. So, I’ve been thinking of ways to reward myself for successful writing sessions. I love reading so it would be wonderful if I could read without interruption from the latest sibling squabble or crisis. I also love to play video games (Final Fantasy Tactics, an RPG has caught my attention yet again) and indulge in pedicures. Sooo, here’s looking forward to being pampered every once in a while.

What works for you to keep to a schedule dedicated to productive writing? How do you balance writing and marketing? Please share! I need all the help I can get!

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