11 Reasons Why Artists Envy Writers

Needed to laugh and smile. 🙂 Mission accomplished.

1. You can get published

For a writer, there is a clean path to success. Get your book published or get an agent and (hopefully) someone else is doing the work for you. If your work is well received, you’ve made it. An artist has to facilitate every sale they make. Sure you can make prints but make too many and they become worthless; whereas the more books they print, the better off you are. And as an artist I find that it’s often hard to know what overall you’re working towards as there is no real indication of long term success. There is no Nobel Prize for Art!

2. Everybody has a computer

The amount of tools a traditional artist needs is vast and expensive. A modern writer needs a computer, something that not only has multiple applications but has pretty much become a household item. Art supplies…

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2 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why Artists Envy Writers

  1. Hi mrs.desir it’s Courtney you are the best teacher can’t wait till Tuesday so you can teach me more about how to right a good story.

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