Practical Tips for Author Events/Book Signings

So, you’re hosting an author event or a book signing and may be stressing out (I am) on what to do to make your event:

  • Interactive
  • Exciting, and
  • Memorable

Thankfully, I’m blessed with a wonderful teenage son and a supportive fiancé who both give me advice and not only do I listen, but often follow through with it. When I asked them what kind of things they’d like to see or experience at their favorite authors’ book signing, I learned quite a lot. Here are some of their wonderful ideas:

Simply Signing Books is Passe– Fans and prospective fans want to engage with the author. So, mingle with your readers, answer questions, shake hands, and definitely read a little of your work. If you choose to partake in giveaways, announce them yourself over the bookstore’s intercom, which adds a more personal touch. 🙂

Say Cheese! Take Pictures and post them to social media. Embrace that celebrity status (no matter how quasi-celebrity it may be), which makes the lovely people you’re taking pictures with feel good.

Inexpensive Giveaway Ideas – I absolutely LOVE hunting the clearance aisles of stores. Why pay full price when you can purchase items for a fraction of the price? And I’ve come across a lot of great deals that I look forward to giving away to raffle winners!  Places like Staples and even Walgreens are great places to search and acquire great giveaway prizes! 🙂 Some more expensive items include custom-made products like postcards, pens, bookmarks, stickers, and gift baskets featuring your brand.

Add Unique Flair a la YouBrainstorm something you can do that you can offer at your signing. Are you a comedian? Tickle your audience with jokes. Are you great at singing? Wow ‘em with an a capella solo. Are you an artist? Draw caricatures of your fans. In fact, I love doodling and use to draw quite seriously – manga style to be exact! So, I plan on drawing caricatures of Raffle Winners. Besides writing, we writers have plenty of other hobbies and talents in our arsenal. Reflect upon your hobbies and other talents, then choose what more you have to offer in order to make this an event to remember!

Writers, what has worked for you? Readers, what do you look forward to at these events?

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