Book Review for Magic Fishing Panties by Kimberly Dalferes


I love to laugh. I love to reminisce. And I love fellow authors who can deliver both of these feel goods easily. I haven’t had the pleasure yet to meet Kimba, but after completing this laugh-out-loud, candid, and quirky book, I feel like I’ve gotten to know her (even a little, teeny bit) and want to know her more.

The adage, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is true in so many aspects. For the sake of argument, I could have assumed that I couldn’t relate to the experiences Kimba had to share in her book. Though both of us have grown up in the south – (yes, I know, I know, Florida isn’t technically considered “Southern” to most for many reasons I won’t get into, natives like me know and have experienced differently) – we’re from different generations and while she’s primarily Irish and my family hails from the islands of Jamaica, Haiti, and Cuba, my funny bone often got tickled with similar situations that my own family experienced throughout the pages of this chuckle-worthy book.

Although the book is primarily humorous, priceless and serious gems of truth sparkle light on our ever-changing world. She touches upon taboo subjects, such as sexism and racism with grace and fairness.

Overall, a great read! 🙂


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