You Might Be a Writer If . . . (Presented by My Little Pony’s Pinkie Pie)

You Might Be a Writer If (presented by ‪#‎MyLittlePonyFansForever‬ Pinkie Pie). . .

. . . when someone ask you what your latest story is about, you’re often not sure how to respond . . . or you respond with a one minute professional prepared pitch (which you’ve rehearsed in the bathroom mirror every morning for the past several years) because who knows — they MIGHT be an agent or an editor or they may know an agent or editor and this may be your CHANCE and you can’t blow it because you’ll NEVER, EVER get published and have to eat copious amounts of cupcakes in order to deal with the stress and sadness . . . AHHHH! *catches breath*
. . . You grieve the loss of characters you’ve killed or for characters your most favorite ever writer has killed, which makes you want to eat more cupcakes. *eats a cupcake*
. . . You avoid writing for long periods of time. And then when you get back into the flow, you CAN’T STOP! Come on, it’s a love-hate relationship, y’know? *wipes off frosting*
. . . You can go for long periods of time without eating or even drinking! Why? Because you’re so engaged in writing. Using the bathroom? Ptah! Please, your bladder is made of steel. Shower? Bathing? It can wait — you’ve had a genius, literary breakthrough and it simply CANNOT wait!
. . . You sometimes avoid people sometimes or are at least tempted to. You LOVE people, you truly do, but sometimes, the ones you created are more interesting and they won’t eat your cupcakes.
*too busy eating cupcakes to continue*


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