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Thanks Ron for supporting a fellow writer. I really appreciate this. Here’s to a new year of possibilities and success.

Financial Perspectives Presented by R. Williams

What made you pursue a career as a teacher?

I love teaching and helping students to appreciate literature and the delicious satisfaction from pursuing knowledge.

What inspired you to write?

I’m not entirely sure how to answer this question. Honestly, I think that most writers are “certifiably insane”. I’ve mentioned this in an endearing tongue-in-cheek manner on my blog a couple of times. I think that we were merely born this way. Write or wither. I enjoy creating worlds and characters. I enjoy finding something wonderful or terrible in everyday ordinary situations and events.

What do you want your readers to benefit from your writing?

I’d hate to spoil my readers with what I think or the implication that I want them to believe or do anything necessarily.  There’s a quote by Samuel Johnson, which I came across that sums up my present answer to this question. A writer only begins…

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