Thoughts on Using Twitter Effectively as an Indie Author

Very informative and surprising for newbies to book promotion

Michael Dalton

After a couple of months of using Twitter to promote my indie author career, I can say with confidence that I’ve learned two things:

  • Twitter is effective for driving traffic.
  • Twitter absolutely sucks for selling books.

This may come as a surprise to the many authors I see pushing links to their Amazon book pages non-stop on Twitter, but it’s one based on some fairly solid analytics. And if you’re using Twitter without using any analytics, you’re not really using Twitter, you’re just playing with it.

The first thing you should be doing is tracking your engagement using Twitter’s own tools. Just point your browser to[your username]. What you’ll see is a list of your tweets, along with charts showing the engagements you got: link clicks, retweets, favorites, and so on. Further, you can click any tweet and it will pop up a summary of everything that happened since…

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