Getting Into Character ~ How Far Would You Go?

Brilliant article on developing deep characterization of our fanciful creations.

Elizabeth Fais

Crafting Believability From the Inside Out

To suspend disbelief and surrender to a story, the characters havePagesThatGrabYourReader to be believable. That sounds simple enough. Yeah, right. I read books that advised me to create character sheets listing descriptive features and facts about each character. I did. And my characters came out two-dimensional.

A list of facts didn’t get me inside my character’s skin. I have to internalize who the characters are  before their personalities shine through my writing.

A list of traits was only a description of the outside of a character. And while those details are important, I needed to understand my character from the inside out before I could write dialog and describe actions that were real for that character.

I was a film-a-holic before I started on my writing journey. From watching all those movies, it finally clicked that writers have to be actors, show a character’s…

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