Black Egyptians: The African Origins of Ancient Egypt

I love supporting my fantasy stories with historical context like this. Great research for me! Yay!


Black Egyptians

The false representation of Egypt

All Egyptologist’s would agree that Ancient Egypt was home to a highly advanced and civilized race. When the topic of ‘race’ is used to describe the Egyptians it is either conveniently left out, labelled insignificant or shown in the wrong image. When Ancient Egypt is shown in the media; such as movies, TV documentaries, and video games or in education; through books/articles and spoken about by everyday people and so-called scholars, the people are mostly depicted as Arab, Mediterranean or white. Just look at some examples of this in Picture 1.1. Now compare it with Picture 1.2, which shows evidence of a Black race in Ancient Egypt. There is a clear contrast in pictures; one of these has to be wrong!

What is said of the Egyptians in the academic world? The general view of the Ancient Egyptians being black by race is summed up…

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