Character Takeover: Meet Adara Trosclair!

     Well, first of all, I’ve got to say that your world is just as messed up as mine. While skimming the headlines on my creators computer screen, I just had to shake my head in disbelief, disgust, and dismay. Downed planes shot right of the sky? Terrorists abducting women and children? Wow. Whoa. No thank you.
     I come from Reath, an anagram (a word formed from another by rearranging its letters) for your planet, Earth. Basically, from what I’ve studied while hanging out here is that our worlds coexist at the same time, but in different universes. More on that later. All of that scientific stuff makes my head hurt in the worst way. Another character, whom you’ll meet sooner (than you’d like) can give you the “layman” aka idiot’s version of all of that. His name is Constantine and I do admit that he is quite intelligent; however, his arrogance just makes him look like a jackass half of the time.
     In our world, we have hundreds and hundreds of gods and goddesses and they have made themselves known. Now, there had been a time that these gods had become eerily quiet due to the compliance of humans worldwide. They asked for blood, blood tributes were given. And like cicadas, they returned underground from which they had first risen and no one heard a whisper or seen even a shadow of them for almost two hundred years.
     But, when Lucien Dieuamour, the young Lord of the City began to change things, that’s when the bloodthirsty gods emerged from hiding.
     That is when the murders began, but the victims were not just anyone. Clariusian men and women began littering the streets with their hearts ripped out. How ironic or what your people would call poetic justice. After all, it was the people of Clarius who had been chosen by the gods to offer the blood of other men, women, and children to them. Most people wanted to believe that it was the acts of a madman acting out of vengeance for the two extinct races of people who had bled and died for the gods’ appetites. Others believed otherwise and said that it was the gods exacting vengeance on the humans who dared to deny them what they desired: blood of humans.
     When I was a little girl, I used to believe in the gods and served a beautiful goddess of cool nights and comforting shadows. And as I aged, I decided that if the gods were real then they are evil and enjoyed our suffering (for how many times had I prayed for a solution to our woes – how many times had I cried out into the night for an end to our blood being shed?) OR there were no gods at all. Myths, legends, fairy tales.
     Right now, I am caught once again somewhere in between: wanting to believe in something greater than me , but willing to rely on my own power, whenever necessary, and letting gods or no gods stand in my way. And as you learn more about me in the book to come, perhaps you will understand.

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