Query Letters!

Synopsis.  Query.  Cover letter. Shudder. Twitch.

I don’t know about you, but these terms often strike me with fear.  Synopsis just sounds like some strange disease.  Writers (seasoned and beginning) have heard these terms at some point in their journey to becoming published.  Lately, (and probably for the past decade) several articles have popped up all over the web helping writers to prepare their manuscripts for publication.  When I first started writing, I knew that getting published would be hard and then when I realized that there were even more steps such as writing a synopsis, query letter, cover letter, etc I was in for quite a surprise!  I suppose that these expectations are ways of weeding out who is serious about getting their work published and how well you can work with your publisher.  And depending upon who you  want to publish with the guidelines for submission differ from publisher to publisher and agent to agent.  Being up to date and knowing what works are two ways to help yourself to stay out of the slush pile.  Below are websites that I have found useful in helping me on the road to writing success*:

http://www.getpublishednow.biz/contest.html.  Molli Nickell is the owner of this wonderful site. She helps writers by breaking down what makes a query and a synopsis in simple, easy to follow steps.  She also host contests for published and unpublished writers.  Even if you’re not a winning contestant she gives vital feedback!  Enjoy!

Kidlit.com.  A treasure trove of information (from an agent!). Mary Kole is the Senior Literary Manager for Movable Type Management.  She provides writers with priceless information on how to write and include dialogue, emotion, and so much more.  If you’re interested in joining critique groups, this is a great place to start. Check it out!

http://www.thegirlwiththegreenpen.com/ Great resources found here from an experienced editor working with Spencer Hill Contemporary.  Testimonies from fellow writers and success stories are notable features on her website.  I noticed that she also focuses on revising, a process in writing that I have a personal love-hate relationship with.  Happy hunting and learning!

Fello writers, if you know of any other websites or tips that have helped you, please post some in the comments! :0)

*I received no compensation in the form of money, chocolate, or souls for giving kudos to the above websites and their webmasters!

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